About the Deparment


Department Mission

Foreign Langauges and Literature Purpose
Departmental Timeline: 

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature was established in August 2004.  Each academic year we recruit 50 students, to educate individuals with basic English competency.  In addition, to foster students with literary understanding and basic language skills we set Tourism English and Teaching English to Young Children as our primary goals.  

Objectives:  The purpose of our department is to:
1.  Modify student qualities by fostering their humanity by and through foreign languages and training.
2. Encourage students to learn foreign languages autonomously while caring for those in need.
How is DFLL different from those in other universities?

1. To study in DFLL, students are trained to be equipped with literature and English teaching
2. Intern curricula are available to assist students to familiarize various industries including: English teaching, trade, technology, or tourism
3. Remedial courses are available for students who need additional support
4. Senior theatrical drama fortifies language skills
5. Small class size for listening, speaking, and writing ensures student engagement
6. Students are encouraged to use English as a tool for their future occupations


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